Boeing 787 Dreamliner - Taking Air Travel To The Next Level

The latest airliner from Boeing is the fuel efficient 787 Dreamliner. Boeing has successfully developed an upscale aircraft with the best fuel economy. The Dreamliner will feature the next level of amenities and creature comforts in all classes of economy, business and first class. This aircraft will have short range and long range flight capabilities and will offer all the latest technological features such as Wi-Fi, blue LED interior lighting, extra-large windows, higher humidity levels to passengers. The Boeing 787 Dreamliner uses 50% light-weight composites and will consume 20% less fuel compared to any other aircraft in its size and payload capacity. This efficiency will mean improved environmental performance.

Boeing is currently accepting orders of the aircraft valued at $ 250,000,000 each and has over 650 confirmed orders from over 14 different airlines around the world. Entry into service is expected in 2008.

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