Are We Doing Justice to the Environment?

I guess who better to start posting on this blog then myself:). I am sure alot of us havent thought of how much we harm and pollute the environment going on living our lives day in-day out as we know best. We are all slowly realizing the side effects of our reckless ways of living. To name some- global warming, de-forrestation, extinction of thousands of plants & animals, air, soil & water pollution and the list continues on and on.

There is a dire need for us to change our ways and to give back a little to the environment. I think there are so many great natural products and green ideas floating around which can really improve our lives and also help the environment in the process. I feel confident that we can all make a huge difference by sharing ideas and by becoming eco-conscious consumers.

In a mere 150 years (which is less than a mili-second if you consider the age of the Earth) we have exploited every natural resource available on Earth, be it air, water or soil. In the process of rapidly setting up industries and manufacturing plants churning out thousands of different products, the environment has had to pay very dearly. The scary truth is we are living way beyond our means and depleting natural resources before they can regenerate and cleanse naturally. This is a serious situation and as time passes, it is only getting worse.

In the future we will face extreme shortages even for the most basic necessities such as water, which in turn will endanger our very existence on Earth. Food for thought - Only 3% of all water on Earth is fresh water. Out of this 3% , 2% is frozen on mountaintop ice caps and glaciers around the world. So if math serves me right, the total human population on Earth has only 1% of fresh water that can be consumed and utilized in our daily activities such as cooking and cleaning.

If there is any right moment to make a change about how we live, eat, drink, drive, and work it is right now. I eagerly look forward to reading and sharing all natural products and green ideas that I come across. I would also like to encourage everyone to actively participate in this blog to provide insight about how we can make our homes, our neighborhoods, cities, countries and whole world a better place to live.


Diane said...

Hi Lisa, It was really nice to read your post and I just want to say thanks for creating such a useful forum that everyone can contribute to and learn from. I will definately check back as I am curious to read other product recommendations from other visitors to your blog.

I have always been very conscious and concerened about the water quality. I tend to stay away from plastic bottled/purified water because of possible leaching effects from the plastic materials. God only knows how long the water in those plastic bottles have been sitting on the shelf before I drink it. I try to take precautions to ensure that my family has access to clean drinking water.

For the past few months, I have been using a really amazing counter top ceramic water crock/ purifier with filters made by a company called Stefani. I absolutely love the simplicity and surprising functionality and ease of use of this natural drinking water purifier. The water tastes great and is crystal clean. I think alot of your readers here would be interested in knowing more about this product. This is their website: . I hope my post is helpful.


Lisa said...

Thanks for the lovely reply Diane. I really do appreciate it. Thank you for sharing your natural product review of the Stefani water crock/purifier with filters. I enjoyed reading about the natural ceramic water purifiers.

I look forward to reading more product reviews in the near future. Thanks again.