Making Your Lawn Green(er)

Every natural eco-system present on Earth is extremely fragile and has taken millions or even billions of years to establish. The Earth is truelly a marvel of nature which has the capacity to regenerate and cleanse itself but it all takes a very long time to return to its prestine state. We are just getting to learn that our actions today will have a drastic effects on the environment.

Water pollution is a huge problem and we all seem to be contributing to it unknowingly. Home owners love to take pride in having beautiful green lawns that envy the neighbors when they pass by. Little do they know that all the chemicals and fertilizers that they may use to have the beautiful lawns seep through the soil slowly with the aid of rainfall & sprinklers eventually end up in the water table and aquifers which are the main sources of tap water.

Are you as a home owner concerned about this? Have you taken any proactive steps to use alternative lawn products to reduce water pollution? Do you have any product suggestions that can help us to conserve and protect our environment?

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