Tell Us About Your Toyota Prius

The Toyota Prius is a great fuel efficient vehicle which reduces our dependance on fossil fuels. Do you own a Toyota Prius? Are you a prospective buyer of the Toyota Prius? What concerns and questions would you like to have addressed before purchasing such a unique car? For current owners, tell us what you love about the Toyota Prius and what changes you would like for the future.


Pete said...

I love my Prius! It has everything I need from a car. Its spacious and rides very quetly and smoothly.
My question is...why buy huge SUV's when you can buy a Prius.


Jeff said...

I got my Prius two years ago and made out pretty well in the cash-back incentives. I know these federal incentives will run out pretty soon as more and more people buy the Prius. Still, apart from the incentives, the Prius is a definately a great investment and saves you a bunch in the long run.


Jessica said...

I just love it when I dont have to refuel my car every week like most people that own gasoline powered cards. My prius has consistently given to a fuel efficiency of about 40 to 58 miles per gallon. I would like to know how much fuel effiency other prius owners get from their cars. Thanks