Yoga & Meditation - The Path To Enlightenment & Better Health

Yoga and Meditation is the practice of looking inwards and discovering ourselves as it is believed that we are all a part of a higher being who we all know as God. Yoga & Meditation has deep roots in the Eastern Philopohies, History and Culture of India. Known for thousands of years, Yoga & Meditation was done by devine Hindu Sages, Gurus and Prophets who seeked to become one with God (a higher being) and to become free from the undying cycle of rebirth.

According to the Indian culture, all living being go through countless stages of births and deaths. It is only when a living being or soul attained the human form that he or she could acheive enlightenment under the careful eye of a learned Guru. In most cases this Guru was enlightened and could show the right path to the apprentice to for-go materialistic possessions, envy and greed and to reach a state of Nirvana and Enlightenment of the Soul.

Western cultures have shown great interest in Yoga and Meditaion mainly from a health point of view. Yoga and Meditaion have great health benefits and also helps one to think and put things into perspective more clearly. There are various seminars and yoga franchises that offer to teach various streching exercises known as Pranayam and deep chants.

We would love to hear stories from anyone who practice Yoga & Meditate and get to know more about the facinating subject. Please let us know what you enjoy the most about Yoga & Meditation? How did you get started? In what ways does it help you in your daily activities?

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