Stefani Eco-Friendly Water Filter Crocks - A Great Alternative to Buying Bottled Water

Why would you want to waste so much money on bottled water when there are great eco-friendly water filtration and water purification alternatives available such as the Stefani Water Purifier Crocks and Natural Water Coolers with Filters. With a Stefani countertop water filter system, you can have access to clean, refreshing, great tasting water whenever you need it.
I am impressed that the Stefani counter top water filtration system is a great alternative to using plastic bottled water which create so much waste in landfills all around the world. According to a recent survey, more than 60 million plastic bottles end up in landfills every day – a total of about 22 billion in one year!

Ceramic water filtration and purification has been used for over 150 years around the world. Stefani water purifiers feature Activated Carbon Filters and Ccolloidal Silver which eliminate impurities, odors and foul taste which greatly improves the taste of the water. By removing impurities such as chlorine, bacteria and viruses, the purifier filters contaminanted tap water into purified water that tastes great and is healthy for drinking and cooking. To view a video clip of Stefani Terracotta click here.

I would like to thank Diane for replying to my previous post and providing imformation about these amazing natural products. I must admit that I did not know that a natural ceramic dispenser water crock with filters even existed, which makes your post even more intriguing. I would recommend everyone to have a look at the Stefani Terracotta website ( which features alot of good information about the ceramic water crock purifers & filters.

I love the fact that Stefani natural ceramic water crocks with filters are eco-friendly, easy to use and do not consume any electric power to operate. The Terra Cotta ceramica shell naturally cools the water 10 to 15 degrees below ambient/room tempretures. How amazing is that!

Stefani natural ceramic water filter crocks are the Most Economical, Functional and Efficient countertop Water filtration systems that provide clean, refreshing, great tasting water. Stefani water filters and natural terracotta and ceramic gravity fed water purifiers offer the most economical and natural way to filter drinking water in your home, office or outdoors.


Indra said...

Great review! Please note, Canadians have the option to shop at to purchase Stefani Water Purifiers and filters. We are the authorized distributor in Canada.


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Thanks for writing this.

Water Filters said...

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